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Task 10
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Solar Materials R&D

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The following are publications developed under Task 10:

Glazing Materials for Solar and Architectural Applications
June 2005 - Posted: 2008-06-05
Editor: C.M. Lampert, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, U.S.A.
This report summarizes five collaborative research projects on glazings. The projects include materials characterization, optical and thermal measurements, and durability testing of several types of new glazings.
Document Number: LBL 34436
Accelerated Life Testing of Solar Energy Materials: Case Study of Some Selective Solar Absorber Coating Materials for DHW Systems
February 1994 - Posted: 2008-06-05
By: B. Carlsson, et al., Swedish National Testing and Research Institute
This report documents the results of a joint study aimed at establishing the use and limitations of accelerated life testing methods that are applicable to materials used in solar heating and cooling applications.
ISBN: 91-7848-472-3
Solar Materials Research and Development: Performance Criteria for New Solar Materials
September 1992 - Posted: 2008-06-05
Editor: G. Bert Brouwer, Van Heugten Consulting Engineers
This report outlines the principal results of cooperative research on (1) a means of material selection for various solar applications and locations, and (2) a methodology to estimate the energy benefits resulting from such selections. The two primary materials groups investigated were spectral selective coatings on solar collector absorbers in solar hot water systems and transparent insulation materials.
ISBN: 91-7848-472-3
Survey of Service Life Prediction Methods for Materials in Solar Heating and Cooling
September 1989 - Posted: 2008-06-05
By: B. Carlsson
Publisher: Swedish National Testing Institute, Sweden
Material Failure and Degradation Modes in Selected Solar Materials: A Review
May 1989 - Posted: 2008-06-05
By: C. Lampert, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, U.S.A.