Task 10
Task 10
SHC Task 10

Solar Materials R&D

Project (Task) Description

Participants in Task 10 evaluated the energy benefits of a number of new materials for solar applications and their impact on system o component performance. Tnis included identification of the properties required of materials in order to increase system or subsystem efficiency. A veriew of failure and degradation modes in selected solar materials was also prepared.

Another activity centered around the round-robin testing of standardized collector absorbers for optical properties. The micro-climate characteristics of the absorber surface, the effects of controlled stresses (temperature, moisture, humidity, pollutants and irradiation) on the absorber properties were studied. Models for predicting the service life of these and other materials were evaluated.

Another study focused on materials used for certain high performance glazings. Task researchers characterized the optical, thermal, and electrical properties as well as durability of electrochromic optical devices, low-emmittance films, and transparent insulation materials. Task 18, Advanced Glazing Materials, was initiated as a follow-up to this activity.